Dear Nancy Chang, Chi Min, Rebecca, Lin, May, Franklin, Hoa Le, Effie

    Thank you all for caring for my husband, Florentino. We were lucky to have your team assigned to him. You were all kind, compassionate, gentle and patient. He could not have asked for a better groups.

    This message also goes to the ones I missed mentioning but were assigned to come at different times.

    God bless you all in your chosen professions.

    Mr. and Mrs. Cho

    Thank you for all your help!! We really appreciate the services you provided.

    Best wishes to all workers! The donation is not much, but we thank you very much.

    D. Leonard

    I would like to thank your organization for all the work you have done in my behalf. The physical therapists and the registered nurse were so wonderful to me and worked so hard to help me recover from my hip replacement.

    The movement from hospital to rehab facility to home to physical therapy and nursing at home was unbelievably seamless. I am doing much better today thanks to all of your staff, and am hoping to have some outpatient therapy at your facility in Oakland.

    Thank you again, and please share this letter with the rest of the staff. I believe that anyone who sees a need in an underserved community and them moves to fill that need is a certified genius.

    A. Siu













    三藩巿的區姑娘,Linda,May,Anne Yee,Yimin, Mountain View 的葉太,Joanne, Alex, Anne Ng, Judy.... 謝謝您們,衷心的祝福您們!有您們的關懷和幫助,病人的身心苦痛得到莫大的寬減,病者家屬的重擔也得到舒緩,這「雪中送炭」的服務,叫病者與家屬都感到人間有愛,悲哀與痛楚都給熨暖了!我們在互聯網上看到一段網友的小簡,內文是說:

    "我出生時,我在哭,旁邊的人都在笑。 我逝世時,我在笑,旁邊的人都在哭。"



    Dear Asian Hosp. Net.

    I am writing to you wonderful people to thank for all the many loving, caring blessings you have brought to me, my husband & especially (name removed) my mother-in-law and your patient currently at Eden Villa.

    Velma & Jerry

    Nancy Chang,

    Velma and I wish to recognize your competent and compassionate care for Velma in the final days of her sojourn on earth.

    I especially thank you, Amy, Rebecca, and Liu. We are very greatful for remarkable service.